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a live look over northwest today. and it is warm outside. we are continuing to watch what is happening with earl. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us this thursday morning. let's say good morning to tucker barnes and get a look at that forecast. >> just getting latest information here as we speak. believe it or not, earl is getting stronger by the hour. i don't think it is likely to get much more intense. it's very strong hurricane. let's get right to it. i want to he show you vipir. i want to show you the satellite-radar there. you go. can you see that the storm has an enormous eye here. wave got hurricane-force winds about 90 miles from the center. tropical storm wind about 230 miles from the center. just getting the latest information, maximum winds now 145 miles per hour, gusts over 1 # 06789 the pressure has been falling the last couple of hours. so not losing any strength here as it approaches coastline. hurricane warnings now for much of north carolina and even here along the lower eastern shore,
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we've now got tropical storm warnings and hurricane watches. we are getting ready for it as it pushes offer to the north and then to the north and east. this is really impressive stuff. -- it pushes off to the north. computers are estimating that the waves underneath the storm are about 30 feet. all that water will generally get push ad long the eastern seaboard as the storm rises up along the coast. -- get pushed along the eastern seaboard as the storm rises up along the coast. our forecast is an easy one. highs well above normal, 93 in washington. changes tonight and we have changes for the weekend. most of the weekend forecast looks great. i'll have those details in a couple minutes. >> let's check in with julie wright and say good morning to her. >> good morning to you all. you will find lanes are open in each direction down at the
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wilson bridge. southbound 270 is where we had the crash reported south of 109 but before you reach 1 # 1 at clarksburg. traveling south out of hyattstown, so far, no problems to report. you will run up on this accident at speed so keep your eyes peeled headed south out of frederick in the direction of clarksburg. top stretch of the beltway behaving nicely between college park and bethesda. still a portion of wayne avenue blocked off between georgia avenue and colville road for police investigation due to yesterday's incident at the discovery channel building. traveling in on 66, overnight roadwork cleared. overnight construct cleared from the beltway leaving springfield headed out towards 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. and julie mentioned it. it is our big story this morning. afternoon full of drama at the discovery channel building yesterday in downtown sill verve spring. hostages taken, thousands evacuated. several hours later, a gunman shot dead. this morning, police are still on the scene doing an ongoing investigation. >> the gunman is identified as
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james lee. he is dead. effect else is -- everybody else is safe. sarah simmons has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. police still have the scene here at the discovery communications building. fire and ems officials are still inside and they've gun going with a fine-tooth comb through the building looking for any other possible explosive devices that may be in there. they are expected to continue this until about 6:00 this morning. this has been going on throughout the night. this started at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. a man police have now identified as james lee walked into the discovery building lobby. he had a long-standing grudge with the cable channel and was armed with explosives and hand gun according to police. he reported lie fired a shot when he first went in and took three people hostage. employees were warned by e- mails to hide in their offices. a second e-mail instructed them to evacuate. en was able to get out safely.
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during the situation, an nbc producer called the discovery building and talked with the alleged gunman. they recorded that conversation. he actually picked up the phone. here is a portion of that conversation now. >> do you have a gun? >> i have a gun. i have a gun and a bomb. i have several bombs strapped to my body ready to go off. >> reporter: now, james lee is no stranger to discovery communications. he was arrested here february of 2008 for his own mini protest. he was arrested on disorderly conduct. he was throwing money in the air and saying that he was trying to convince discovery to save the planet. now, he just got off of probation two weeks ago before this happened. now, we also know that one of the hostages releaseed a statement, a very brief statement. his name is jim mcnulty, an employee here saying he was thankful montgomery county police were able to save him
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and get him and another hostages to safety but he had very little to say at this point, obviously a very harrowing experience to be going through. back to you. >> thank you so much. another big story that we're watching is that developing situation out in the atlantic where hurricane earl is barreling toward the eastern coastline. >> preparations continue from the carolinas up to new england. sherry ly is live at ocean city. >> reporter: this is a monster storm that stretches hundreds of miles wide and the outer bands from hurricane earl are expected to bring some high wind, heavy surf and especially rip currented to this area. we are really about 24 hours away from the worst of this. we are under a hurricane watch here in ocean city and the waves have already begun to
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pick up here and conditions by tomorrow will dramatically deteriorate. that storm is expected to hit here late tonight and the worst early friday morning. sustained winds, the city expects to be between 0 and 40 miles per hour with gusts up to 50 to 55 miles per hour but it would not be unheard of to have some hurricane strength winds as well. preparations are under way throughout the city. maryland has declared a state of emergency on the beaches. the waves are pounding. the coastline driven by the hurricane still far offshore. right now, they are expecting waves of up to 12 feet today. they are restricting swimmers to knee-deep water or less because it is simply too dangerous. >> it is really deceiving. you can look past the waves that are breaking on the shore and it looks pretty calm but what we're experiencing sometimes is what we call flash rips. >> vac isn't on the radar for us right now t look like the storm will be over 200 miles
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off our coastline which means that we are going to experience some tropical winds. >> reporter: now, some of the prep rigs under way, the things they're doing is trying to remove some of the things that could be projectiles in the high winds. they've got garbage cans that will be removed from the beaches as well as some of the lifeguard stands. they are expecting some flooding in low-lying areas as well but they do have this $30 million seawall. they will close the openings in this seawall by tonight to protect against any time of storm surge they may get. the message the city is sending out to people tonight is tomorrow, stay off the streets, stay out of the water until this storm passes and then they really expect this to be a beautiful weekend. >> certainly hope so, right, for those tour imdollars for those people down there. thank you, sherry.
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two yemeni terror suspects are free this morning. this were released in the netherlands yesterday. they were taken into custody three days ago after tests on their luggage showed a possible trace of explosives. late are, more accurate tests didn't found any signs of explosive material. in iraq, the u.s. has changed military commanders marking a new and final phase of america's role in iraq. army general austin lloyd is taking over command of all u.s. forces. troops warmly applauded otierno as he stepped down now that combat missions are over. secretary. state hillary clinton is hosting first direct peace
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20 months. en israel and president obama met with leaders separately before they came together for dinner last night. it is now coming up on 12 minutes after 5:00. more claims from people living near a local military base. they say the base is giving them a deadly disease. that is coming up next. hurricane earl moving in on the east coast. our area already under a state of emergency. we'll get an update coming up. >> the latest on earl and our temperatures. we are up to a very mild start. we are in the upper 70s. i'll have the details on a sunny hot day here in town. julie wright is back with a look at your on-time traffic. all of that coming up in just a couple of minutes.
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back now at 5:15 with a recap of the the frightening incident at the discovery channel headquarters in
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downtown silver spring. an armed man burst into the discovery communications building about 1:00. police say james lee took a security guard and two other men hostage. after a four-hour long stand off,ly shot and killed lee after they saw him point his gun at one of the hostages. people are bracing from hurricane earl, expected to arrive tomorrow morning. coastal cities appear to be out of the direct path but still some people on the north carolina coast are heading inland. the state of emergency is in effect in maryland, virginia and north carolina. >> as we've seen with some recent storms, you get 40, 50- mile an hour winds, you could do some damage. >> absolutely. >> there is a live look outside. 77degrees for us but shoot, we've seen about 40-mile per hour winds without a hurricane here. >> some of the big thunderstorms, we had 60, 70- mile we are hour winds. you are talking 140-mile per hour winds with gusts over 160
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miles per hour. this is a very big storm. let's get to it. we'll talk local weather first. i will give you the latest with earl. 77degrees as gurvir mentioned. annapolis, 77. 73 in fredericksburg. 68 in frederick. 66 in martinsburg. lets agive you latest here and let's get to it. satellite-radar, showing you we have some very quiet conditions across the washington area. as we get into the afternoon hours, we'll await the arrival of some of the cloud cover associated with earl here pushing in from the south and southeast. you can see we'll get a little bit of cloud cover. that will hold temperatures back a degree or two. cold front out to the west. that is going to get in here as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow. that will help push earl out to sea and will cool us down and give aussie beautiful weekend. we want to emphasize around here, we will have a nice weekend. tropical satellite.
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i want to mention. here is earl. we'll focus on earl in just a second. this is fiona. behind me here, we have the latest storm, gaston. the peak is in the next nine days or so. here is a closer look at earl. very impressive. look at that eye right now, eye wall featuring winds over 160 miles per hour with gusts. pressure has fallen to 928 millibars. this is an extremely powerful hurricane. this will track just off the coast of hatteras an race up the eastern seaboard. we have tropical storm warnings extended all the way to long island. closer to washington here along the lower eastern shore, we have a hurricane watch and tropical storm warning. you get the idea things are going to start to break down as we get into the nighttime hours. category four hurricane. there is. should be parked just off the shores of north carolina by early tomorrow morning. still a very powerful hurricane. that will be a major hurricane. remember that the hurricane winds extend 90 miles from the center so it is likely that men
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of the coastal areas here along the eastern seaboard will encounter hurricane-force winds with winds, 50, 70, maybe 80, 90 miles an hour. we will have plenty of sunshine by saturday and sunday. our forecast, simple one here, lots of sunshine, light southerly breeze today as we wait the passage of earl off to our east. 93, still under a code orange air quality alert. your five-day forecast, 71 tonight. 91 tomorrow. kind after mix of some sunshine and some clouds as earl passes as i mentioned off the coast. and then behind a cold front which gets in here friday night, much cooler. saturday, sunday, monday, high temperatures only in the low 80s. that will be nice. let's got on-time traffic and julie wright has the latest this morning. >> making the trip around the capital beltway, you will find lanes are open as you commute to and from the wilson bridge. what we've learned now about
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270 is that there is activity on the northbound side of the highway as a result of a police chase. northbound 270 north of 109, you will find the right lane of two blocked. southbound, there are rubbernecking delays as you travel out the frederick headed down towards route 80 in urbana before the pace improves. we are looking at the southbound stretch of 270 and the lane are open as you continue to work your way out towards clarksburg and beyond. no problems to report if you are traveling northbound out of rockville. it is northbound 270 north of 109. that is where we have the right lane of two tied up at the scene. we are told that a medevac helicopter has been requested at the scene as well. downtown in silver spring, up with a avenue remains blocked off between georgia avenue and colesville road as a result of the activity that occurred yesterday afternoon down at the discovery channel building. 90 northbound, you will find lanes are open as you travel in the main line and express lanes continuing up towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-time traffic. there are more families living near fort detrick, maryland reporting cancer cases. an activist case says the number has flown from 300 to 500 the group believes contamination from the fort has affected nearby residents. our john henrehan has more details on whether there is a cantser cluster around fort detrick. >> reporter: there has been biological and chemical research at fort detrick since 1943. bill has farmed the land around here for more than 50 twreers. he remembers a kid seeing items spreading across the farm fields from helicopters, planes and small blimps hovering over the army post. >> it was like a confetti, new york, coming down, came out over the field. our field was right beside area b. we had seven farms around that area. and that stuff was spread and it came out all over us.
5:22 am
>> reporter: at the final says bill krantz, the safety officer assured them that what was coming down was safe. many family members have come down with cancer and now they wonder whether the government research may rob the cause. a group is gathering other anecdotal evidence especially from the clover hill neighborhood which borders on fort detrick. >> they talk about when they were kids army jeeps coming up and asking that the children be kept inside because they were going to spray some harmless chemicals but the man who reported this to us said, well, we saw the animals staked out there on area a. we saw the caged animals. and we saw them during the test fall down and die. >> reporter: the foundation says it has now collected names of 500 area families in had some members have contracted
5:23 am
cancer. a spokesman for fort detrick was not available if an on- camera interview. he told us by phone the army is fully cooperating with local, state or federal investigate into his past practices here that might have led to contamination. the frederick county health department will brief the public thursday evening on the status of the state investigation into possible cancer clusters around fort detrick. in frederick, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> that meeting about cancer at fort detrick will take place tonight at 6:30 in winchester hall in downtown frederick. still ahead, one of our two big stories we are following. chaos with a gunman that takes hostages. we'll have more on that. a wild crash into a store. there you see it. what police say the driver was doing that caused this crash. stay with us. it is all coming up. ksgo t
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it was a wild night not nationals but to understand what happened here, we have to flash back to tuesday night when niger morgan barreled into marlins catcher bret hayes. hayes has a separated shoulder. that takes us to last night. marlins hit morgan in retaliation and later in the game threw behind him. he wasn't very happy about
5:27 am
that. he charges the mound. the benches clear. morgan and the pitcher are ejected along with edwin rodriguez. the nats fell 16-10. >> not good news for the nationals there. more importantly, losing the game as well. >> we have much more still ahead this morning on fox 5 morning news. we are following two big stories this morning. we'll talk about what happened town in silver spring when a gunman took hostage tees discovery communications building. we'll have more on that and hurricane earl. >> sherry ly is in ocean city. we'll check in with her as well. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer 
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welcome back at 5:30 take ago a look over the d.c. skyline. before more heat to the nation's capital. >> we keep talking about warmer temperatures moving in. tucker is also watching very carefully, as it everybody else, what is happening with earl. >> we are going to talk about earl. but the lost in that is our heat wave. a lot of heat up in front of the storm. let's go to vipir and take a
5:31 am
look at earl and give you the latest. maximum winds now, sustained 145 with gusts approaching 170 miles per hour. so you get the idea. this is clicking on all cylinders as it approaches the carolina coastline. the blues and yellows you see up towards north carolina, those are hurricane watches and warnings. close are to home along the lower eastern shore being we have a tropical storm warning and a hurricane watch. those he can tend all the way up now to canada. so you get the idea this will be a long duration event here as it races off to the north and east -- those extend all the way up now to canada. let's get to local weather. here in washington, we are off to a mild start. 77 in town. 69 at dulles. 73 in winchester. at gurvir's house, it is 71 1/2 degrees. >> i didn't pay attention this morning. >> you didn't look? >> huh-uh. >> lots of sunshine.
5:32 am
a few clouds later this afternoon as earl starts to approach here from the south and east and i want to mention we've got a coastal flood advisory. the southerly winds are going to push the water up into the bay and tides could be running one to three feet above normal here over the next 4 hours. >> flooding and also tornadoes are always a big concern. >> less of a risk with this one but you're right. >> let's check in with julie wright with a look at traffic i can't we are talking about an incident which occurred on the northbound side of 270 north of 109. we had a police chase that involved a vehicle. the right side of the road remains closed. northbound 270 north of 109, there is an investigation and a search for another participant involved in this incident. so there is a search ongoing northbound 270 north of 109 and we do know the right lane of two is blocked in the direction of frederick. now, coming southbound, expect rubbernecking delays as you travel southbound out of frederick headed down towards urbana. on the southbound side, all of
5:33 am
the lanes here are open. this is the camera angle coming out of hyattstown and continuing down to clarksburg. coming out of the frederick, you guys may want it bail out and use 355 as thality fat route. 395 coming inbound, lanes are open in both the main line and in the express lanes. overnight roadwork still in place southbound along 110 as you approach the exit for the pentagon. two right lanes blocked off according to callers. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story this morning is the hours-long standoff of the discovery communications headquarters in downtown silver spring. that situation end wade gunman shot dead and thousands safely evacuated. this morning, police are still on the scene as the investigation continues. >> the gunman was identified as james lee. now, everybody else is safe. we have team coverage this morning starting with sarah simmons outside the discovery building with the latest this morning. >> reporter: steve, we just got an update from montgomery county fire and ems.
5:34 am
they are telling us in the overnight sweep in the building in which they are still here on the scene, they did discover additional packages inside the discovery building. they evaluated several of the packages and they did disrupt four packages. exactly what it was that was in there, we do not know. but it was enough that they were concerned that they had to disrupt them. we take a look at video from this morning we shot earlier. you can see there are crews that have been out here throughout the night searching the ground outside the discovery building, crews that have been working on different types of device or boxes. we have not been able to see specifically what it is that they have been working on. they have discovered additional packages inside the building from overnight. now, again, to recap this, all started at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. a man police have identified as swreams lee walked into the
5:35 am
discovery building lobby. he had a long-standing grudge with the channel. he reportedly fired a shot when he first went in and took three people hostage, a security guard and two other men. employees were warned by e-mail it hide in their offices and then a second e-mail instructed them in order to evacuate. now, here is the thing. james lee is no stranger to discovery communications. he was arrested back in february 2008 on disorderly conduct, holding his own mini protest, something he had done before but there is some youtube video of him out there throwing money into the air saying that this was cash was instead trash. he was trying to convince as well discovery, he said to save the planet. he had some sort of beef with the environmental programming that discovery had out there. now, let's talk about the hostages. the three that, of course, were uninjured. there is a statement that we
5:36 am
have received from a man named jim mcnulty, an employee here at discovery. here what is he has to say. he says first of all, i want it thank the montgomery county police and all the agencies that responsibility r responded it today for helping to shen sure the safety of all my colleagues at discovery communications and for helping to get me and my fellow hostages out safely. i want to thank 199family, friends and coworkers for their thoughts and prayers during this situation. a especially want to thank -- i especially want to thank discovery for their support during these harrowing hours. police fire and ems are still on the scene. we heard initially they would be here until 6:00. they did discover additional packages, four that they have disrupted and we hope to learn more about those in the coming hours this morning. back to you. >> thank you. we all continue to follow the developing story in the atlantic with hurricane earl spinning toward the east coast.
5:37 am
>> it is not expected to make a direct hit but people from the carolinas to new england are still getting ready. so what does this mean for vacationers this holiday weekend? sherry ly is live in ocean city, maryland this morning. >> reporter: well, we are expecting to see some fairly heavy surf. we are already seeing some of it coming in from hurricane earl. they are saying the waves could be up to 12 feet high today here along the beaches so the conditions are expected to dramatically deteriorate throughout today into tomorrow morning when the worst of hurricane earl is expected to hit here with those outer bands bringing high winds, heavy surf and rip currents as well. we are under a hurricane watch and although earl is expected to remain offshore, it is still very dangerous. the heavy surf is already pounding the beaches here. rip currents are a big problem. lifeguards have already restricted swimmers to knee- deep water or less. it is simply too dangerous to go out there and that could
5:38 am
change throughout the course of the day and as this storm approaches here. another big concern for businesses, the labor day weekend, about a quarter million people come to the beach this weekend and at fish tails restaurant, they are watching and waiting. hotels have seen some cancellations but for the most part, we understand people are still coming out here to ocean city and businesses are hoping that, with this storm expected to move quickly through here on friday, that they will be able to save the holiday weekend. >> it is the last big weekend per se but summer is over and it is not a make or break weekend. historically, the people come down on saturday because it's three-day weekend. hopefully, friday will just be a wash and it will go by and it is a lot of work for us. >> reporter: what we are expecting are sustained wind of 0 to 40 miles per hour with some gusts of 50 to 60 miles
5:39 am
per hour here. what they are going to do is remove trash cans and other things that could be projectile the beach and they are asking people would are staying here to do the same. tonight, they will chose the gates, the openings in the seawall to protect as well against any flooding or storm surge. that the the latest here in ocean city. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead, a mystery surrounding a rare edition of dr. martin luther king's first book. we'll check more headlines. caught on video, a wild crash right there, right into a store. we'll tell what you police say the driver was doing that caused this crash. 
5:40 am
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5:42 am
incredible video. the drive of an suv crashed right that a store in western massachusetts. just smashed up part of the store fronted, took out rows of shelves and grosseries. it happened just after the owner had closed for night. police say the driver fell asleep behind the wheel and somehow slammed into that store. we are getting a new look at the world's most famous shipwreck, the titanic. check out these crisp new images of the titanic which lies about two and a half miles below the surface of the ocean. these are high resolution shots of the ship's bow. the ship hit an ice iceberg and sank in 191. this is a signed first edition of dr. martin luther
5:43 am
king, jr.'s very first book. there it is. somebody donated the rare book if a charity book sale in des moines, i can't -- iowa and no one knows who donated it. volunteers are hoping for $1,800 when it goes up to sale. >> nice find. >> the we have much more still ahead on fox 5 morning news. coming up next, two week before the d.c. primary, the leading candidates for mayor face off in a debate but the most compelling scene may have actually happened outside that debate and it involves mayor fenty's wife. we continue to track hurricane earl as it closes in on the east coast. what should we expect here in virginia, d.c. and maryland. tucker is going to have the latest forecast for us coming up. stay with us. s,rc
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5:46 am
we are going to switch back and talk about the hurricane a little bit. let's move on to the hurricane. earl is conning to move closer and closer to the east coast, expected to arrive tomorrow morning.
5:47 am
coastal cities appear to be out of earl's direct path but still some folk in the north carolina coast are headed inland. winds of up to 40 or other miles per hour are expected in some areas. >> emergency is in effect in maryland, virginia, and in north carolina as well as folks get ready for earl. i hay facebook message from a girlfriend of mine on the mississippi gulf coast who said don't wish it on anybody else but we're mighty glad it is not coming here. >> well, at least earl isn't. but to be hontest with you, there are more storms out there. we have to watch it very carefully. >> we have fiona and what is after that. >> gaston. and a new wave that looks like it will develop too. >> let's take them one at a
5:48 am
time. let's focus on earl. sustained gusts over 170 miles per hour. you get the idea. 928millibars, a very, very poat is a category four hurricane pushing off to the north and eventually northwest here and then eventually north and northeast as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow and it will trek right up the coast. you can see here the outer bands here, the cloud cover starting to reach the outer banks of north carolina and it looks like they will be parked here. i'll move on and show you our computer sum lags. it looks like it will be parked here off the carolina coast as we greet into the overnight hours and by tomorrow morning, just offshore bringing
5:49 am
hurricane conditions to the outer banks and then it will start to slide up the coast. i think the worst of it for the lower eastern shore will be at around noon tomorrow. you can see it is still offshore. so that is good news but tropical storm conditions expected in places like ocean city along the lower eastern shore. it will push up towards new jersey and eventually southern new england on its way out of here and then will actually quiet down. a cold front will come through late in the day tomorrow and our forecast here in washington for the beaches for the entire mid-atlantic, both saturday, sunday and including monday for labor day look fantastic a lot of sunshine expected and high temperatures in the low 80s. 77 right now. we are off to a mild start here in washington. 77 in annapolis. our highs today, once again in the 90s. and then we will start this cooldown as we get into tomorrow. lots of sunshine. our breezes are out of the south today. we do have a coastal flood advisory if you are along the lower chesapeake as tides will
5:50 am
be running one to three feet above average as we get the push from earl. 91 tomorrow. breezy conditions at times. windy if you are headed down towards the beaches. and saturday, sunday, monday, look fantastic with highs only in the low 80s. nice-look stretch here. got to get past earl. let's get to on-time traffic and get latest from julie wright. >> keep an eye on the little ones. that undertoe would come in and sweep up the little ones from their feet. that is really strong. if you are trying to get a last- minute little vacation in, just be careful out there. watch the waves. no problems reported between college park and bethesda. 95 and 295 still quiet out of hear laurel. 270, the result of a police chase, the northbound side of 270 north of 109 is down to one lane only. only the left lane is able to get by. northbound headed up to frederick, they are looking for
5:51 am
one suspect. you will find traffic northbound down to one left lane only squeezing by heading up into frederick. coming southbound, the lanes are open but you are in for i rubbernecking delay off of i- 707. 355 head south into hyattstown as alternate routes. the beltway itself looking good. no problems to report between college park and bethesda. as a result of the hostage situation we dealt with yesterday down at discovery channel, there is a still a portion of wayne avenue blocked off between georgia avenue and coles rhode island viewed -- and colesville road for a police investigation there. we're also receiving word of a serious crash possibly head-on collision 27 at bethesda church road. a lot of fire and rescue equipment being sent to that scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. it was a major debate less than two weeks before the d.c. primary. mayor adrian fenty going up against his main challenger,
5:52 am
council chair vincent gray at the newseum . it comes with grey with a up in the polls and mayor fenty delivering a new weapon in his arsenal, his wife. >> reporter: outside the newseum before the candidates went at it, there was a usual campaign hoopla. >> don't forget mayor fenty! >> reporter: inside, the handshake and a hug. >> the issue of cronyism will not be a factor in the gray administering as it has been in this administering where $82 million in contracts have gone to the mayor's fraternity brothers. >> surely he read the "washington post" ed toarl board's statement on sunday where is it said, mr. fenty's friends did not receive $82 million. >> reporter: fenty, would now trails gray by 17 points in the "washington post" poll also harped on a new theme in his campaign. in his rush to make the city
5:53 am
better, he says, he has made mistakes. >> i've got to do a better job making people feel god about the chang so they are included in a part of that. i've learned that lesson. i commit to doing that. >> frankly, i don't think it is a change of heart. i think it's change of strategy. >> reporter: mayor fenty does appear to be sitting gears. he brought his wife michelle along and she told reporter she is hurt that people perceive her husband as aloof and arrogant. >> i think the point is that the reason he goes out there every single day, moving a thousand miles an hour is for the people. >> reporter: she says she has been a private first lady up until now because she is a full- time lawyer and has three young children but now she feels the need to defend her man. >> for them not to understand that the whole point of his actions is for them is very difficult, very difficult. >> reporter: thirteen days an counting, michelle fenty says you will see more of her as the campaign winds down. >> thank you. we would like to invite you
5:54 am
to join us tomorrow morning. the mayoral candidates will face off on fox 5. tune in for a live tea bate here in our studios during fox 5 morning news. don't for get to send us your questions too. these are questions from you that we can ask the two candidates. go to to let us know what issues you want the candidates to address. that debate tomorrow morning at 9:00 septa before a lot more ahead including an interesting night for the washington nationals. here are the highlights. >> that ball is behind him. here we go. >> the gloves were off. the nats involved in an ugly brawl. we'll tell what you sparked this coming up next on fox 5 morning news. t
5:55 am
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5:57 am
it was a wild night no the nationals. lets aflash back to tuesday night. maya angelouer morgan barreling into bret hayes. hayes with a separated shoulder. that takes us to last night now. the marlins retaliate by hitting niger morgan right there. he goes to first base. deal done. not quite because later in the game, they threw behind morgan and morgan said the second time, that was it. morgan and the pitcher were ejected along with the marlins manager and jim riggleman. bottom line, the nats lost by
5:58 am
16-10. straight ahead at 6:00, more on our top stories including the latest on earl plus your morning commute. fox 5 morning news comes back in two. 
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